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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mad Props

This is the awesome preview video from Sam Smith and Blunt Trauma Productions of this weekends events. While we have your attention, there are some people we would love to thank..

First up, all the people on the ground that made this possible. Barley, Team Sisson, Alan Atwood, Brian and Michelle. Nikita, Ken, and the guys from Verge for helping out. Meghan and JD for being, well, themselves, and doing a great job with results.

Our officials, for doing a superb job as usual, and helping out above and beyond the cause of officialdom.

Stu Thorne/Cyclocrossworld.com for helping us out with some technical aspects for day 2. Adam Myerson, same deal. Your wisdom and input is always welcome.

Racers- For showing up and making this event something to talk about. Thanks for believing in us enough to make the trip! Sorry about the rocks on day one. Hey, I broke stuff too.

All of our sponsors.. Without whom none of this would have been possible. TK, DB, AS, JK, DM, thanks so much. Sothebys, Rotations, Wildthyme, Thyme & Again, also, thanks millions, for both believing that top american women should get paid what they are worth, and that american riders deserve a shot to square off against the best in the world.

That's it for now. I'm certain I have forgotten someone in my haste, it's off for some much needed paper work and perhaps fly fishing as well. Photogs, thank you too, if anyone has pics please forward them on to us for use on the site!

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