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Friday, September 21, 2007

The smackdowns are upon us all.

Since it's up in print already on the lateset http://www.cyclingnews.com/ blurb, we will make it official. Current World Champion Erwin Vervecken is headed to Southampton to kick off the East Coast UCI season. And why not? It's not like we have the largest prize list in the world for women and he doesn't want to support his sistahs, right? Or the bestest venue in the land, bling atmosphere, wicked landscapes, ocean, bay, Puff Daddy, Southampton ROCKS.

And yes, contrary to popular belief, no sea monsters.

Big props to people that are hooking us up with cool stuff to give to racers.

First off, Alex Evenings, for sponsoring the pro ladies with some free evening wear. Their stuff is hot, you can get all mucky at the race, clean up and look all gorgeous in time for dinner.

Second, http://www.procyclocross.com/ for once again throwing us everyones favourite foreign language cyclocross videos for wicked primes. Holla! If you have never checked out the site, go for it. Super races you can't get in this country, reasonable prices, and a super nice attitude. Great for winter roller sessions.

Third, our good friends at Wildthyme Restaurant and Bar, for allowing the smelly hordes of racers in after saturdays event for a great Prix Fixe dinner. (Rated excellent by the NYtimes, super food, and yes some vegan stuff.)

http://www.sysinc.org/ for loaning us the venue indoors, and the greatest changing rooms cyclocross has ever seen. Be sure to hit the ultra hot showers post race before dinner!

Anyone that has helped hold a rake, mower, banner, police barricade, stake, plank, rebar, hammer or picked up someone from the airport to help us pull this off. Word Way Up.

Many people have been looking to us for hotel ideas. Here is what we know.

Sag Harbor- 8miles away.

Barons Cove Inn

Sag Harbor Inn

American Hotel (bling bling)

Barcelona Inn

Southampton (2miles away from venue?)
Bentley, Atlantic, and Capri

Enclave Inn

Southampton Inn

Village Latch (bling)

1870 House (Bling bling) (bling)

Bayberry Inn


Hampton Bays NY (6 miles away)

Hampton Maid (Blingy, but nice pancakes)

Bowens' by the bays

Arlington Shores

Bel-Aire Motel

Colonial Shores Resort

Hampton Star Motel

Shinnecock Mist waterfront Hotel (lock your doors..)

Sunset Bay Motel

Riverhead NY (20 min by car)

Holiday Inn express

Swiss Motel

Budget Host East End

Best Western East End

Greenview Inn

Islip NY (35 min by car)
Jos and the guys from Fiordi Fruitta stayed out here one year, said it was nice. Islip MacArthur airport is in town, so there are a tonne of hotels. A La Quinta, and a big Holliday Inn come to mind, but I can't find them online. They do exist, I swear


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