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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Now that the race report is done, it's time to give mad props to a few people that went absolutely above and beyond with the races this year.

First, my lovely wife, who for reasons unknown puts up with 2 weeks of hell each year so I can get out there and take care of business. Despite running 2 businesses, being pregnant and a mom, she still takes care of a lot of loose ends so I can run amok.

Next up........

Parks and Recreation of Southampton, for again loaning us the venue grounds. THANKS!
SYS inc for loaning us the building, lockers, showers, chairs, parking lot, bathrooms....
Southampton Town Department of Public Works for loaning us traffic barricades!!!

For believing Southampton needs a real, honest to goodness, bike race..
TK, DM/JR, BP, DB, SF, RL, AS/SM. Thank you. When you wonder why we can provide the best prize list for women in North America, travel money, barrier primes, these people's financial contributions are why.

Anyone that loaned me a house, couch, bed, room, apartment, fold out mattress, inflatable bed, guest house, pool house, RV, trailer, or other amenity so we could host a deserving racer. THANKS!

For making it a super cool bike race- Any elite rider that took the time to show up. Yeah, it's a bit of a haul... but we make it worthwhile!

For doing registration duties, and providing lots of infrastructure- Alan Atwood. Holla!

For providing cool merchandise prizes...
IF, JK, RL/Rotations, NYCvelo, RC of SBA, RedBull. THANKS!!! if you got cool schwag, it came from one of these guys!

Excellent Nuetral Support and mechanical love- Mark Voisocki. Mark has done this for us for 2 years now, and provides good, honest, fast top notch service. Seek him out if you are running some cross in the NE/MA region and need a wrench.

Marco Quesada of marcoquesada.com and nyvelocity.com . Took the best pictures of the best bike race ever!

Results and placings.. Jd Bilodeau. Word up. Pioneer event registration rocks. Doing a major event? don't be daft.. Rent JD for a day. Money well spent.

Pre Registraion- Bikereg.com. Thanks for bending rules slightly for us Steve!

Officiating- The Millers, Mrs. Dorsey, Mr Taus, and Mr Lamm. Top Notch cool understanding people! Thanks again guys.

All the people at Hampton Velo that came out and busted their butts helping me set up. Thanks!!!

The staff of wildthyme restaurant and bar.. for covering my butt the last 2 weeks. Word up!


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