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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Final Preparations

My initial plan was to head into Whitmore's fully rested. Considering I've ridden 5 times this month, that didn't seem to be a problem. Now that the Lymes and Pnuemonia are gone, life is better. In any event, today most of the course got a trim. Mark busted out the heavy artillery, and essentially everything is cut. My thoughts are as follows.
-Riding a Cross bike is alway so much harder than I think it is. Got winded riding in from my house to the course. (a distance of .9 miles.) That can't be good.

UCI Day 1- "The Long Course". - Wider fence crossing than Last year. Rocks OUT. Elite men will have 3 dismounts per lap, including planks. Women that have podium'd at Nationals likewise will have 3. Everyone else, 4 per lap. Deal. Despite cool weather and lots of rain, the lower portion of the course is still a little lumpy. We are adding more asphault sections, and fewer lumpy ones in an effort quicken things up. Even with the cut grass still on the ground... FAST. Very Hard. It will suck for a lot of people.

UCI Day 2- "The Infamous Short Course". Diffrentiated from the long by not crossing through the fence to the other playing fields. Immediate turn up the hill. There will definitely be some elite men getting their hustle and flow on in turn 3. Forget Law and Order, we have guaranteed drama. Elite men will see 2 dismounts per lap, likewise super elite women. Everyone else 3. Not as short as we think it is, distance wise the two courses are very close this year. But very very FAST. Some very technical speedy descents that will challenge all riders.


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