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Friday, September 29, 2006

Final thoughts....

Here are some final thoughts, 24 hrs before the first race starts tomorrow.. First, if you plan on attending the prix fixe dinner at Wildthyme restaurant and Bar, and seeing Sam's new CX film, "Transistion 2, 'cross the pond" please make a reservation so we can be sure to accomodate you. Dinner is from 6-7.30, we will show the movie during that time, and likely again from 7.30 to 10pm. We're told it's 90 minutes in length. For reservations call 631.204.0007. Restaurant is a mile from the venue, and the venue does have showers in both the womens and mens locker rooms.

We are just about done with the course. Some final cutting and taping needs to be done, and I'm picking up some hay bales momentarily. I think the long course is pretty darn good, likely the best course we ever had. It's funny, every year we wonder if our course is good enough for elite level competitoin. Last year, I was sharing this thought with our club Treasurer, we watched Jessie Anthony just stack it up on one of the downhills in a warmup.. As he got up to pull the grass out of his helmet, I turned to Barley to say "Dude, Jessie just crashed on our course, sweet..." and out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Mark McCormack picking his bike out of a tree.... Rampant stackage. He later confessed to me he hadn't crashed that hard in about 3 years. Our course is much more mentally demanding than it appears, especially at speed. We work hard to put on safe, fun events, that are not only physically demanding, but mentally as well. I hope that you all have a great race tomorrow, have safe travels, and a fun day at the fourth annual Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

News Flash(es)

Another quick one. First, be sure to check out the posting "things you need to know if you are coming to our race..." Very Important.
Next up, it appears that Sam Smith, is giving us the world permiere of his new flick, "Transistion 2: 'cross the pond". Cross documentary at its' finest, highlights the national team at worlds last year. This will be shown in the lounge at Wildthyme Restaurant and Bar, after a nice prix fixe dinner, post race Saturday Sept 30th. Wildthyme is also running cycling movies in the lounge all week, and donating a portion of viewers dinner revenue to the club. Go baby go!
-Next up. www.NYvelocity.com will be giving away 2 FREE race entries this week online. What's better than free??? Everyone like's free!
-Further joy.. www.procyclocross.com is again offering up some of the finest euro cross dvd's as prizes!! Yowza! watch super cool euro cross action and learn a foreign language all at once!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Housing hints.......

This is a quickie... At this stage in our week host housing doesn't exist. For the record there is a wait list, and and a slew of people that gratiously volunteered their homes, spare bedrooms, pool houses, campers, drive ways, couches... you get the idea. I do have a couple of housing hints, courtesy of Richie-issimo him self. Easterner motel 283-9292 (631), had some decent rooms, 5 minutes away. Also ask Michael at the Enclave Inn(s) what he has left 1-877-998-0800. Word up!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Things you need to know if you are coming to our Races.

First up, in the entry of "Things you need to know if you are coming to our Races".

-It has been brought to our attention that there is in fact, not, a September 31st.. Which means the races are in fact Saturday the 30th of September, and Sunday the 1st of October.... work with me people..

-Register online at Bikereg.com.

Day1 and Day2. Hollah! Remember, registration is 20/30$ now, $25/35$ day of. Register now!

-Getting here. You will need some form of transportation to arrive here. In the past, we have seen the big three, being planes, trains, and automobiles. If you live in New England, at some point in your travels you will want to get on the Cross Sound Ferry, and travel to Orient Point NY, from New London CT. If you are driving the whole way and not taking a ferry, the LIE 495 is your friend. Check our flyer on bikereg for very detailed directions from LIE/495 East.

-Plane-Macarthur Islip airport is the closest. You can rent a car, hit a taxi, or investigate some other form of transportation.

-Train- Southampton NY has the closest train stop, on the LIRR. It is approximately a 15 minute ride from the train, to the venue. Leave the train station, make a right on North Main St, CROSS 27, and continue on North Main St. At the end of N Main st, take a left onto North Sea Mecox. At the first stop sign, (Majors path) make a right, 1.5 miles up on the right is the venue.

Where am I going to stay??? (not at my house..)
-Southampton NY has a few hotels/motel like things. Try the Enclave Inn familly, the Atlantic, the Bentley. There is also the Southampton Inn, and the village latch Inn. Sag Harbor has a hotel, but I honestly forget what it's called. Try the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce for more hints. http://www.sagharborchamber.com/ Hampton Bays NY also has some smaller motels, again try the Hampton Bays Chamber of commerce. http://www.hamptonbayschamber.com/ . Riverhead NY has three large hotels, a holliday inn express (In case you need to asist in brain surgery while racing), a Best western, and one more. There are also some smaller ones that guys have crashed at before, and label them as "fine".

Things you need to know about Long Island

-They tell me Exxon Mobil made 98 billion in profit last year, it is a little known fact that almost all of that occured east of exit 40 on the LIE. Gas costs more, buy it someplace else if you can.

-Radio out east is les than ideal. Unless you like NPR, bring cd's, Ipod, or something for the drive home.

-People driving largely unmarked civilian cars at high speed with brightly flashing white and blue lights are in fact volunteer firemen/woman, and not land pirates. Kindly move to the shoulder and allow them to pass.

Things you need to know about our course, but were afraid to ask. But now you won't have to clog our inbox with your askings.

****If you race elite Men's on Sunday you are not making a 4 oclock ferry for the ride home. Period.***

Q- "What kind of course do you have?"
A- "The illest 'cross course in NY state! Hollah"

This is not a wimpy cross course. No grass crit here. Total cross experience. If you can win here, you can win anywhere.

Super fast hard grass surface, the course does not have overly technical terrain, but definitely demands 100% of your concentration at all times.

Elevation gain is over 125 ft per lap. Elite men will likely have 2 dismounts per lap saturday, 3 on sunday. I would add one more for all other classes per day, although 3 elite women rode the unforced dismount last year. 5.30 lap for elite men Sat, figure an extra 2 min or so on Sunday. Saturdays course this year is basically identical to Sunday's course last year for return trippers.

Start is asphault, with a gentle rise. Announcer will see and be heard on entire course.

Recommended gearing is a 39x27. If you top 10'd at elite nats, you'll likely survive with a 25.

Other Things-We are working on some prix fixe dinner action at a local restaurant, as well as some other fun stuff. Pretty much day to day, check back for more info.

Race email----- hamptonvelo@yahoo.com